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Detailed Description of the Guided Hiking Tours

White Horn

Easy to medium-hard hike in which participants can climb to the summit and enjoy the magnificent view of the Dolomites. Starting point: Laab Alm in Deutschnofen / Nova Ponente, Route: From the Laab Alm via Trail No. 1 to the Neuhütt Alpine Refuge, continuing along via Trails No. 5a and 5 to the White Horn (2,313 meters above sea-level). Descent via the Jochgrimm (Passo di Oclini) and along Trail No. 1, returning to the Neu Hut and Laab Alm. Total duration: 6–7 hours.

Bletterbach Gorge

An easy hike offering marvelous natural scenery and with lots of information about the natural history of this area. Participants will explore the geologically interesting Bletterbach Gorge, which derives from the northwest flank of the White Horn. A route with no large altitude differentials and with several rest stops. Starting point: the bus stop of the Maria Weissenstein Place of Pilgrimage (1,520 m above sea-level). Route: From the bus stop of the Maria Weissenstein Place of Pilgrimage via Trail S to the Schönrast Alm, the Schmieder Alm, and via Trail G to the Lahner Alm. Proceeding along Trail No. 3 to the Bletterbach, continuing on into the gorge, and returning via Trail G to the Lahner Alm. Finally, via Trail No. 3 to the Klöser Valley and via Trails E5 and S back to the starting point. Total duration: 5–6 hours.

The High-Altitude Latemar Trail – Almenweg

This is an easy, pleasant mountain hike to the Latemar. Starting point: The Obereggen Tourism Association. Route: After riding up with the Oberholz Chair Lift, participants will continue along Trails No. 22 and 516 to the Satteljoch (Passo Feudo). Proceed along the Geological Hiking Trails 13–514 and 505 until your reach the Zischg Alm and the Ganischger Alm. Route: Via Trail No. 9 to the Epircher Laner Alm and from there back to Obereggen. Total duration: 4–5 hours.

Rose Garden Hike

Starting point: The Paolina Chair Lift. Route: Ride the Paolina Chair Lift to an altitude of 2,239 meters. Continue on the Hirzl Trail (No. 549) until you come to the Rotwand Hut (2,280 m). Proceed via the Schafsteig (Via delle Feide) until you come to the Campedie Chair Lift. Descend via Trail No. 544 to the valley station. Return by bus. Total duration: 4–5 hours.

Hirzl Trail

This is an easy mountain hike at the foot of the Rose Garden, with a wonderful view of the Latemar. Starting point: Hotel Savoy, Karer Pass. Route: From the Hotel Savoy, proceed along Trail No. 548 to the Bartinger Alm and then continue to the Rotwand Hut. From there, take the Hirzl Trail to the Christomannos monument until just under the Rotwand. Descend to the Masaré Hut and return to your starting point. Total duration: 5–6 hours.